Mapatón de Vías Terciarias

Resultados de la actividad

Publicado por Humberto Yances en 29 Agosto 2016


13 groups and 56 participants were enrolled from five country universities: Universidad de Antioquia (6), Universidad of La Guajira (4), Universidad de Los Andes (1), Universidad del Cauca (1) and Universidad de Ciencias Ambientales y Aplicadas (1).


Overall 35 OSM users participated, but of the 56 registered participants only 19 (34%) sent their editions to the OSM database. There were a group in that users don’t created their accounts in OSM therefore disqualified. The group in which all members of the group (6/6) particped was Uniandes and followed by the “Bloque20” group (4/6) from Universidad de Antioquia.

tm-convention We arrived to have 40 users working together within the Tasking Manager!

ustream-stats Concurretes up to 16 nodes from Ustream! Over 80 unique views.


Participating groups released 42,575 objects (76%), while the total of 55,714 participants edited objects osm-contributor-stats. In total 2,275 tracks were created, of which 1,750 (77%) were created by registered participants in the competition. All editions climbed to the OSM database in a total of 204 changesets.

Before and after

A graphic on the before and after can be seen at OSM-Analytics.


Experienced validators are welcome to contribute; although the project is completed by 100%, it still require this important step to comply all the tasks. Project # 12